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Thank you for your interest in having Bob Ralston perform in your area.

In January of 2000, Bob Ralston and his wife, Fietje, formed a charitable, educational, non-profit corporation called SPOTOMA — The Society For The Preservation Of Theater Organ Music In America.

One of SPOTOMA’s missions is to encourage the restoration and maintenance of theater pipe organs throughout the United States.

Lawrence Welk loved theater pipe organ music. He often told Bob how he used to go early to the movies to watch the organ rise up on the lift. Back in the 1920s, there were over 40,000 of these magnificent instruments; now, there are less than 10% of that number.

It is Bob’s good fortune to have played many of these great theater organs and he has even recorded albums on some of them.

Bob may want to perform and possibly record an album in your area. If your city or town has a theater with a grand old theater pipe organ in it, be sure it is being properly cared for and is in no danger of being destroyed! Perhaps Bob can help you save it. Just contact him by email at, and maybe together one more of the few remaining theater pipe organs can be spared.

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