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Escondido, California : 1-800-932-9355

Branson, Missouri : 1-800-505-9355
Champagne Theater - capacity 2500

Branson is built in a very mountainous area. It was notoriously difficult to drive in for several years, but the recent construction of new roads has greatly eased the ground transportation situation.

June 1998 marks the beginning of flights to the Branson area, at the M. Graham Clark Airport at College of the Ozarks. Everyone who goes to Branson knows it is very hard to get to and this will help some with people since there are two flights a day. Anyone visiting Branson should visit the College of the Ozarks while they are there anyway, as it is a wonderful place to see young people who work their way through college, see a beautiful campus, a nice gift shop and have a very nice lunch all at the same time. It is all done by the students.

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