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Sources of Lawrence Welk Information*

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Wunnerful, Wunnerful! The Autobiography of Lawrence Welk
By Lawrence Welk With Bernice McGeehan
Prentice Hall - ISBN 0-13-971515-0

Ah-One, Ah-Two! Life with My Musical Family
By Lawrence Welk With Bernice McGeehan
Prentice Hall - ISBN 0-13-020990-2

Lawrence Welk - This I Believe (1979)

Lawrence Welk - You're Never Too Young (1981)

Lawrence Welk - My America, Your America

By Lawrence Welk With Bernice McGeehan - Prentice Hall - 1976

The Lawrence Welk Show Then and Now
Book and PBS special

The Lawrence Welk Musical Family Album
By Lawrence Welk With Bernice McGeehan. - Prentice Hall 1977

Champagne Music
by Coyne Steven Sanders and Ginny Weissman, published in 1985

A&E Biography of Lawrence Welk
First televised February 6, 1998 (60 minutes).
Videotape available for $19.95 + S&H at 1-800-423-1212.

Recipes for Remembrance
The Welk stars share recipes and memories.

Lawrence Welk Syndication
The company behind the original Lawrence Welk shows. Margaret Heron is very nice to Welk fans, and shares her knowledge graciously WHEN TIME PERMITS. Since her official duties keep her busy, please try other resources first and save her for your last resort. After all, there are lots of fans but only one Margaret (at least until someone gets all the bugs out of cloning).
Margaret Heron, Syndication Manager
1299 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica, Ca. 90401

Oklahoma Educational Television Association
7403 N. Kelley Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73113
(405) 848-8501 or 1-800-TRY-OETA

List of current season Welk shows
Pictures - Weekly trivia contests

The Lawrence Welk Show Musical Family Newsletter
By The Oklahoma Network
A quarterly newsletter (usually 8 large pages) with
upcoming TV show schedules and other current news.
An annual contribution of around $50 to your local
Public TV station can include your Newsletter.
You can also subscribe for $8 annually directly to
Oklahoma Network

The Lawrence Welk Online Mailing List
Click here
Three cheers for Gary Bacchetti, Coordinator!

A friendly electronic neighborhood of Lawrence Welk fans.
A GREAT source of Lawrence Welk / Musical Family data.
Occasional posts by Welk stars themselves.
Fresh comments daily.

Many thanks to my mailing list friends for information I have used to expand this site!

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* Thanks to and Debbie Eifler for providing this information.


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